10 Movies That Will Make You Call Your Partner For The Night



Give your sexual instincts an immediate arousal with this erotic thriller. Learn the art of dominating the bed with aggression and passion, leaving your partner breathless but at the same time mourning for more.


2) WILD ORCHID (1989)


Let your various fantasies come to live by the end of this movie. With touches, expressions, holds, hugs and kisses it doesn’t get real than this.





Get your sexual desires on an uncontrollable ride as you follow the exploits of a girl who makes you understand your never ending lust and makes you explore your sensuality without feeling wrong about it.




Make love a casual and playful affair as you go past limits to nail down your partner on bed. Get better as you explore your sexuality and compete with your partner for complete dominance.


5) WILD THINGS (1998)


We just love how directors combine sex with thrillers, making them unmissable. Planning to experiment then this is your film.


6) UNFAITHFUL (2002)


Always wanted to act mature and have a feeling of experienced and perfect session? Here is a movie which will leave you a sense of mixed emotions while indulging into pleasure world. You surely love emotions to be a part of love making, don’t you?


7) INTIMACY (2001)


Only Intimacy, no name no relation just pure pleasure is the beginning to this movie. You may like the scenes, how both are involved in erotic play purely for pleasure without even knowing names. Slowly movie moves into emotional relationship and love, easy smooth shift makes you go from hardcore love making to sensual one. This one will keep you call your partner and make him stay for long.


8) AMERICAN PIE (1999)


A fun and adventure teenage movie full of college fun and and teenage sex that is not easy to resist. You will surely miss your fun at college and all the wild parties. You might want to call your no strings attached partner may be




An erotic movie of recent time, which makes you call your partner to experiment all the movie scenes. We are sure you have always fantasized about bondage sex. This can give you a really wild night, make sure you shut your windows, so that you don’t wake up your neighbors inviting unwanted embarrassment.




If you liked the first version of fifty shades of grey and you think you both are really the wild one, then you do not have to wait for long, get yourself hooked with this second version to experience an ultimate wild session again. You surely cannot miss the excitement of the lift scene. But make sure you try it without the crowd, or else you might end up getting embarrassed.


I guess the above list is enough and you have already called your partner over tonight? Just don’t forget to score a packet of Cupid Male & Female range of condoms to add extra thrill !

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