5 Reasons Why Contraceptive Pills Are Harmful For Your Body

Imagine a scenario where your partner has forgotten to carry a condom and you end up making love because you can rely on pills for your safety.


But did you know these contraceptive measures are not as safe as you think they are? These pills contain high levels of estrogen that target the ovaries, this results in a hormonal imbalance that could cause many harmful effects internally.


Read below to know more:


1) Another negative aspect of the contraceptive measures is the inconsistent gain or loss in the weight which can be temporary or sometimes even permanent. Again this is an irregular gain and loss of weight which is not good for your body.


2) The hormonal contraception pills that women have do not protect her from acquiring viruses and diseases like HIV, that is only possible if you are using a condom. So using a condom is not only preventing the chances of getting pregnant but also from contriving AIDS.


3) It can result in enlargement of the breasts. While you may be thinking the worse it is doing is increasing your bra size which is not that bad. Well, the harm here is an irregular enlargement which is also raising the chances of ‘Breast Tenderness’ and in worst cases even ‘Breast Cancer’.


4) Your emotional sensitivity gets highly affected, your mood swings might go for a major toss. The swings between the extremes of moods might become regular and uncontrolled. If you have been having a lot of contraceptive pills this mood swing might even turn permanent.


5) It can even cause a decrease in your sexual desire. It creates an emotional instability that brings out a change in your sexual desires & aspirations which can even result in a temporary hatred for love making.


Now that you know the dangerous effects of contraceptive pills, we are sure you won’t hesitate to switch over to female condoms for your protection. Cupid Limited is the most assured and quality female condom available in India and worldwide with pre-qualifications from WHO and UNFPA.

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