8 Things You Didn’t Know About Female Condoms

Have you heard about female condoms? If not, this blog is for you.


Ever since the first female condom hit the market, female condoms have seen a lot of resentment and have not been easily accepted in the society norms.

Condom has always been subjected as a product that men use which is why creating and promoting a market for female condoms always seemed difficult.

But since the past few years there has been a hike in the demand of female condoms and if you are planning to use it, these points will help you know the product better.


  • Extremely Safe:

Unlike other protective methods, female condoms are extremely safe for women. They do not cause any kind of side effect as in the case of contraceptive pills that could result in hormonal imbalance in the body or in worse cases even rise the chances of breast cancer.


  • Usage:

The best part about female condoms is that it can be inserted and kept for upto 8 hours prior to the intercourse which keeps you prepared for those unplanned nights. You guess some action for tonight? Don’t worry you can be ready.


  • Gaining Popularity:

You may have not noticed the fact but female condoms are gaining popularity with each passing day. The acceptance of the product has exponentially increased in the global market which shows that women are not afraid of taking the bold step anymore.


  • Modern Age Women Empowerment Tool:

Female Condoms are not only accepted but appreciated by modern age women, as they would like to have control and power in their hand. Female Condom is playing role of new age tool in empowering women.


  • Enhances Pleasure:

Female Condom also enhances pleasure and has a tingling effect while intercourse resulting into high satisfaction. We are sure you don’t mind trying to spice up your sex life.


  • Scented/Flavoured:

Female Condoms now come into a variety; you have an option of vanilla scented female condom available in market by Cupid. This will only add up to your romantic and erotic mood.


  • Pre-Qualified:

You will be amazed to know that the female condom by Cupid is pre-qualified by WHO and UNFPA, so you can assured about the quality leaving no margin for error.


  • Availability:

Female Condoms are now available at major pharmacy and online portals such as flipkart and amazon. You can get them easily, literally just a click away. Buy Now


Cupid Female Condom is the most trusted and WHO/UNFPA pre-qualified female condom available in India and worldwide at the moment.

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