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You will find all the information about female condom in the below story.

Getting married is the best feeling that a woman experiences. All the wedding frenzy, incessant shopping sprees, and the endless photo-shoots make the wedding the most memorable event in one’s life. Everybody around is thoughtful about the wedding rituals but no one actually feels the anxiety of a newly wed bride post marriage. Yes, I am talking about the intimacy and the sex life of a couple. Women whether married for 15 years or the newly weds fret two things one is experiencing sex for the first time and second is “unplanned pregnancies”. I will be sharing a story of my friend Shruti who recently got married and unlocked a few bedroom secrets that we all women want to know but don’t know whom to ask and discuss.


My friend Shruti got married one and a half year ago. We being the best friends generally discuss each and everything. So, during all the wedding shopping and preparation she looked quite happy but at the same time, she was distressed and worried.  I asked her what was it that was making her so uptight and stressed?  She told me that how she is appalled by the entire arranged marriage setup where she and her partner have not yet discussed anything about sex or any precautionary methods. She was freaking out about the entire process and was thinking about trying out some contraceptive alternatives that she can take on her own.


Shruti and I met a gynecologist and she told us about cupid female condoms that are also the best female condom available. The “female condom” was a complete novice term to us. We have never heard about it and were not even aware of how it works. The gyne told us that it was free from any side effects and the best part was you do not have to worry about taking contraceptive pills and fiddling with your hormones. Shruti was quite satisfied with the entire explanation and she decided to go for it.


After a little bit of more discussion, the gyne elaborated each and everything about female condoms. Female condoms were easily available at any family planning clinics, pharmacies, super stores and anywhere where you find male condoms. Some of the advantages that the gynecologist quoted were:


1.)    Cupid female condoms are the best female condoms that are completely safe and have no side effects. They don’t harm your hormones and doesn’t make you run to the doctor for irregular cycles or any other hormonal problems.

2.)    They are 95-98% safe, just use it correctly. Do not tend to tear it open with any pointed and sharp objects as it may result in wear and tear of the condom.

3.)   The condom can be easily inserted into the vagina and then pulled out without any hassle.

4.)    The condom can be worn before having sex. This comes as an advantage as you do not have to interrupt when you are at the peak of excitement.

5.)    It also aggravates the sexual pleasure because of its structure. The sponge end stimulates the tip of the penis and the outer ring rubs the clitoris and vulva giving immense pleasure to both the partners.

6.)    They prevent STD’s as well as unplanned pregnancies. As we all know that pregnancies and STD occur due to an exchange of bodily fluids (semen) and condoms prevent this by acting as a pouch between the vagina and penis.


7.)    It also gives a woman the liberty to choose a contraceptive method without actually relying on men.


How should a female condom be worn?


A female condom is made from natural rubber sheath that is widely used in manufacturing male condoms. The structure of a cupid female condom consists of a flexible octagonal shaped ring at one end. The other end is secured with polyurethane foam. This foam absorbs the semen and also prevents any spillage when the condom is pulled out.


1.)    The closed end with sponge of the cupid condom needs to be inserted into the vagina and the other flexible octagonal open end covers the vagina hole. Both the ends are designed in such a way that the condom stays in place during intercourse and doesn’t misdirect the penis.

2.)    You need to take care of the fact that it covers the vagina hole completely.

3.)    You should always practice inserting the female condom before you actually dive into the act of lovemaking. It is said that the process of inserting the female condom is easy but it may involve a little bit of practice.

4.)    Everyone has her own comfort level for inserting the condom. Some may find inserting easier while squatting while others can do it by lying down. You can always try all the positions and finally go with the one that best suits you.



Precautions and safety measures while using cupid female condom:


  • When using a female condom then always make sure that the penis enters through the condom, not between the condom and the vaginal wall.
  • After sex, pull out the condom carefully and dispose it into the dustbin.
  • Do not use the same condom twice; as soon as the condom is used throw it away.
  • Use it carefully and do not bring it into contact with any sharp object.
  • You should not use the male and female condom at the same time. It may increase the friction that may lead to wear and tear of the condom.
  • Any type of lubricants can be used for female condoms. Though the condoms are pre lubricated for easy movement during intercourse if you need extra lubrication you can add some more.



I met Shruti recently and she told me that she is still using the cupid female condoms as the only contraceptive method because that is the best female condom available.  It is more than a year and her sex life is perfect without any worries of getting pregnant or irregular cycles. She has got used to it and find using female condoms too convenient and easy.


After hearing so much about female condoms now I feel that they are one of the safest and best methods that any woman should go for.




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